MPg was established in 2007 and is now a leading owner/operator of Made in Italy luxury boutique hotels.
Under its Salviatino Collection brand it has acquired and re-launched hotels in Florence and Verona.


  • Added Distribution Capabilities

  • Focused and experienced management team

  • thorough market property analysis

  • Service enhancements

  • conscious capex investment

  • clear product definition


  • We can only achieve our vision by empowering our Guests, Employees and Business Partners.
  • We believe business growth depends on encouraging initiative and innovation.
  • We will reward and recognise merit.
  • We commit ourselves to learning and improving constantly.
  • We will respect and adopt local cultures.
  • We treat others the way we like to be treated.
  • Guests, Employees and Business Partners all share in our business success.
  • We will always select team members who share our values.

Sucess Formula

  • Cultural adaptability

  • maximize owner roi/roe

  • R&D/ innovation be ready for change

  • application of industrial processes uncompromising quality

  • high involment leadershio and investment in employees

  • guest and employees enpowerment

How we work

  • Control management
    Commitment leadership
  • Command decisions
    Consensus decisions
  • Individual work
    Empowered self directed work
  • Task focused
    Process focused
  • Control through criticism
    Shared Global knowledge
  • Management owned knowledge
    Control through recognition
  • One right way
    Continuous improvement

For us, luxury hospitality,
IS not just a matter of numbers

“I founded the company, allied with Cabot Square Capital, developed the vision and make now sure that the investment is a sound one respecting the values and standards of quality I set out to achieve.”


Marcelo F. M. Pigozzo

  • President of Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts Asia Pacific
  • President of Forum Hotels and Resorts
  • EVP for Operations Sol Melia Hotels and Resorts
  • CEO of Elegant Hotels Group
  • CEO of Caribbean Clubs International

Proven demonstrated ability to:

  • Source attractive investment opportunities through proprietary channels
  • Control cost of entry and capex
  • Reposition acquired assets through product design, service delivery and product distribution
  • Significantly improve operating performance and capital values

our structure


·Salviatino Collection·

The Brand

Our target client base is the discerning, culturally curious traveler looking for the ultimate “Made in Italy” hospitality.

Focus on prime destinations in Italy (Citta’ d’Arte) and major getaway cities in Western Europe and selected seasonal destination.

Offer the level of service delivered at Il Salviatino, considered one of the leading hotels in the world ,in unique properties across the Salviatino Collection Brand.

Our products attract both the traditional clients (42% of clients at Il Salviatino are either British or American) and more recent entrants in the luxury tourism (BRICs, former Soviet Republics, Middle East)


Moving from product to lifestyle

  • Expensive
  • Value for money
  • Exclusive
  • Discerning
  • Global Standrads
  • Individual Standards
  • Formal
  • Smart
  • Classical
  • Elegantly Trendy
  • Sophisticated
  • Fun and Sophisticated
  • Rigid
  • Flexible
  • Functional Management
  • Process Management
  • Traditional
  • Experimental/ innovative


Il Salviatino

Firenze - Italy

Palazzo Victoria

Verona - Italy


MP-g Hotel Management

Via Adua, 8

37121 Verona - Italia